A Baby Storm

The tradition of baby showers is an interesting thing. As my friends planned my shower, I did some Internet research (okay, I googled "baby showers") to see what the norm was for such an occasion.

The first thing I noticed was the "Chicks Only" assumption. I've decided to have my boyfriend come just for the last half of the shower. I thought that was a nice compromise for the universal shower standards.

In addition to the obvious gender segregation, I also found several Web sites that outlined the staff assignments of a baby shower party. Apparently we have the food planner, the invitation sender, the games coordinator, and my personal favorite, the "Mommy Liaison."

What is this you ask? Well here are the duties according to babyshower101.com:
The Mommy-To-Be Liaison should:
-Place Mommy in a comfy chair.
- Get Mommy's favorite food for her
- Make sure she is always drinking lots of water.
- Get something for her feet to be raised.
- Massage her shoulders.
- Help her up and down from the chair
-Monitor her mood and the amount of stimulation
- See if you can get her anything

Now honestly, who wouldn't want that gig? Let's just rename it what it actually is - this job is "Mommy-To-Be's Bitch."

I get that it is nice to check on the Mama of Honor, but really? Monitor her mood? Massage her shoulders? Did I suddenly become a incompetent child due to this pregnancy? I think I can manage my own hydration, thanks.

While we jokingly assigned my friend Shannon this role, that is mostly because I know she would ward off people who were annoying me and calm me down if I lose my temper.  I can't believe anyone would find it reasonable to assign a friend to be a servant for the day.

Maybe I'm just not a traditional baby shower kind of gal. After all, the very conception of our child wasn't in the most traditional time line, so it makes sense I want to veer from the path. I think your baby shower shouldn't adhere to a list or a tradition, unless that's what you want.

The shower is meant to celebrate your baby and your pregnancy, to allow your friends to contribute to your baby's needs and spend some quality time with them before your life drastically changes forever. And if I want my man to be there for it, you can bet my giant pregnant ass he is going to be.

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