Not exactly a vacation

God must read my blog. Not to sound arrogant, but right after writing a post about how I don't enjoy the over-helpfulness during pregnancy, I find myself in a situation where that is exactly what I'll need in the coming weeks.

We had some complications arise with our pregnancy, and while my baby girl is healthy and kicking I have been instructed to prop up my feet and stay that way until I pop.

Surviving bed rest is going to be a challenge. Luckily, for the past two days I have been spent slipping in and out of naps to pass the time. I think my body is trying to hibernate to avoid the impending boredom. The best option would be to put me in a light coma until my due date. Unfortunately, that is not medically advisable so I am adapting to my new routine.

I'm having to relinquish all my daily tasks to Matt. This means he will be responsible for the laundry, cleaning, grocery shopping and (Lord help us) the cooking. Meanwhile, if not for the combination of the new t.v. season and DVR I would turn into a crazy person.

People seem to misunderstand the toll bed rest takes. It's easy for people who work everyday to imagine it as an awesome vacation. But please be a little more sensitive. My idea of a vacation includes cocktails poolside or hang gliding, neither of which are on the "can do" list for my condition.

Realizing you can't even run out and grab a Pumpkin Spice Latte (which I am heavily jonesing for right now) is annoying. Unable to contribute around the house is frustrating. And looking out the window to see people going about their usual, completely mobile, taken-for-granted lives is depressing.

When relaying the news of bed rest, try to not respond with "Oh but the baby is ok so that is wonderful news!"

Yes, we are happier than you can imagine that our babies are healthy and safe. But this collective situation is not wonderful news. Instead, try this: "I'm really glad the baby is ok. That sucks for you though, can I buy you some Cosmo's and bring you lunch one day?"

Stocking up on puzzle books, creating a craft bag, starting a mini book club or just providing a change of scenery by bringing flowers are all positive things people can do to help us deal with the monotony of bed rest. And know that whatever put us on bed rest is likely not contagious. So you can visit. I can already say, not even a week in, I would love a reason to get out of my pajamas. So stay with me readers, I'm going to need the company. It's going to be a long 9 weeks.

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