Quick- pick three adjectives to describe yourself. I already have mine figured out. Right now, I would describe myself as "pregnant," "super pregnant" and "still totally pregnant."

The honeymoon is over.As much as I hate to sound like a small child on a long car ride- I'm booooored.

Baby books always use such positive words like "miraculous" and "joyous" to describe pregnancy, and I know there is a certain joy to the miracle. But after 30 weeks, the charm has worn off.

After six months of being pregnant I am simply bored with it. I feel I have been pregnant for ever. I cannot remember a time when I was not swollen and alcohol-deprived. This is my new permanent state of being and I honestly think I will just be pregnant forever.

The first six months bring so many exciting moments. From the moment you realize your pregnancy, the first doctor's visit, the sonograms and first time you feel her move: all of those are life-altering moments. But it's shocking how quickly your days go from new experiences to ho-hum.

I've read every magazine in the OB's waiting room, no more ultrasounds mean no new pictures of baby for now, and her kicks and movements have become commonplace. The last trimester is really just a waiting game.

I relayed this feeling to some non-pregnant friends only to hear "Oh, but don't you just savor every moment of being pregnant?!"

Later I mentioned this same thought to some fellow pregnant ladies and felt validated by the response. A chorus of "Oh my gosh, yes!" came at me. By the sixth or seventh month it seems many women are ready to cash in this baby check and end the ride.

Staying busy is a key component to passing the time, but unfortunately my work schedule is very lax. The majority of my time is spent gestating, which isn't exactly entertaining. Not having a regular 40-hour work week makes it difficult to break up the monotony of the last ten weeks.

But instead of lying around praying my daughter comes early so we can end this ordeal, I've decided to take action and would recommend this to any expectant mama suffering from a case of the Pregnant Mondays (a much more serious strain of simply the Mondays.)

- Spread out your schedule. If you have laundry, grocery shopping and a hair cut on the to-do list for the week, don't cross them all off in one day. Try to have at least one out-of-the-house errand per day. Even just that one trip off the couch can help break up the time.

- Get dressed. Even if you are not going anywhere special, take a shower, put on real-people clothes and fix your hair. Just feeling prepared for the day can boost your mood and inspire you to do things.

- For every hour you spend working on baby stuff, give yourself ten minutes of non-pregnancy related time. If you take all Saturday morning folding onesies, go to a mindless Will Ferrell movie that night. For every parenting magazine you buy, get a Vogue or Rolling Stone (whatever you fancy). Remind yourself that there is a baby-free world out there and you still have a place in it.

- Socialize with your single/non-parent friends. Not only will you not have time to do this soon enough, they can turn the conversation to things other than your pregnancy. If you feel your bump is all people can talk about, these friends can distract you with their own lives.

- Take a class. Exercise classes, writing groups, book clubs, just do something. Keep your mind and body active and let the weekends actually feel like days off again.

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