Do not touch

While I mentioned pregnancy makes a woman lose her shame, I would like to clarify that we do have boundaries. This post goes out specifically to the people who seem to think it is acceptable to touch my pregnant belly.

I get that I am visibly popping out now. My stomach isn't knocking things over when I turn, but it's enough to notice. But here is some news for you- I am not Buddah. So quit rubbing my freaking stomach.

My belly is still attached to my body. It did not suddenly become public domain because there is a baby inside of it now. This is not a petting zoo, so hands off.

There are a select few people in the world who I am comfortable with touching my stomach uninvited. And you would know it if you were one of them. So unless you receive an engraved invitation in the mail, it is safe to assume I do not want your grubby hands poking around my belly button.

You can't feel anything move yet. When I can, I will let you know. Verbally. No need for you to touch yourself to confirm my baby is kicking. That is not your privilege.

My boyfriend frequently rests his hand on my belly, as do I when I am simply resting. If you are a good friend and want to lay your hand briefly on top of my stomach after a hug, I can live with that. But knock it off with the "wax on, wax off" bit on my abdomen.

The next time someone starts rubbing my stomach, I will let them know it is unwelcome. I'll start rubbing their head. Or flicking their ear. Or poking them in the throat. And then I'll say, "Oh I'm sorry. Does this uninvited physical contact bother you?"

Pregnant women deserve a little space and respect. Enough craziness is happening with our bodies and we do not need to feel invaded or violated just because you can't control your "goochi-goo" need to physically connect with my offspring. You can do that after the baby is born. Until then, my stomach is still my domain. So keep off the belly.

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