Most of you know I'm a fairly liberal thinking gal. I'm all into "equality" and I'm against "gender structure" and all that fun hippie stuff.

In all seriousness, I find gender studies to be fascinating and now that I am bringing a child into this super gender specific world, I am tasked with creating an environment for my baby to grow up with no pressure to be anyone but him or herself, regardless of what media, society, clothing commercials and the toy aisle tell them.

I don't know the sex of the baby yet, and I think that is a good thing while I am decorating the nursery. I chose a theme of Winnie the Pooh. Colors are light green and yellow. I know once I announce the sex, it will become a world of blue, baseball mitts and monster trucks, or pink, flowers and Barbie dolls. But that is everyone else and how they choose to socialize the kid.

For me, I'm taking the gender neutral approach. Unspecific colors, I wish for clothing to remain within reason as far as the girly-tomboy spectrum goes, and toys will be selected by the child as they are older with no judgment from me.

If my little girl wants a football, she will have it. If my son wants a kitchen set, let's get it. I am so worried that as my baby grows up they will be genderized by school, by the media, by extended family.

I just want my child to be happy with who they are. I fear so many people give up what they truly love because of fear of how people will react. My child deserves to grow up in a world where rigid gender structures don't exist. I know that is unrealistic, but it's my hope and my biggest fear.

All I know is if my daughter wants to do pageants, I will be there to fix her hair and pick out dresses. If my son wants to play football, you will find me in the stands cheering my heart out. But if things turn out the opposite way, or anywhere in between, I will be happy knowing my child is true to themselves despite the pressures from external forces.

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