Gender Wars

The mystery will be solved soon. This is most likely my last post where I don't yet know the sex of my baby. Wednesday the anticipation will finally stop killing me and I will finally be able to answer that question.

When people ask "So you know if it is a boy or girl?" I can respond by joyously shouting "Yes! Yes I do know! It is a ____!!! Thank you for asking that question so I can answer it!"

Everyone asks if I have a preference and I think I am supposed to respond with "As long as it is a happy healthy baby, I don't care."

But I have been collecting information during these past few weeks. It seems everyone has an opinion on which is easier/better to raise. Boys or girls.

Matt wouldn't mind a baby girl. It's a teenage girl I think he is scared of. Everyone says little girls are easy to deal with, but most parents dread the teenage years. I guess I am biased because I was a teenage girl therefore they do not scare me. But to a new dad, I can understand how the impending world of boyfriends, unexplained crying jags and periods could seem terrifying.

I wouldn't mind a little boy. I feel very close to my nephew and found him to be a ball. But the male temper is something I fear. Teenage boys (and beyond) are much less likely to be open with emotions, so how do you get them to communicate with you? Teenage boys are as much an alien species to me as teenage girls are to my boyfriend.

If anyone has thoughts on the pros and cons of raising boys versus girls, let me know. I'd like to go into this doctor's appointment with a few positives to draw on no matter what the outcome.

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