Growth spurt

Growth is an integral part of pregnancy. The growth of the baby, the growth of your stomach, the growth of your feet ... what?

That's right. It's not just your stomach that expands during pregnancy. You grow all over. Some days I wake up and feel like the Stay-Puft Marshmellow Man. Here are a few of my favorite discoveries about growth during pregnancy.

Let's start with the most obvious: my uterus. I literally woke up one day and felt like I had swallowed a bowling ball. I sat there poking at my lower abdomen which suddenly felt like it was lined with cement. I knew my stomach would expand gradually but the initial phase was a strange experience.

Boobs. Fellas, it ain't as cool as you are thinking. Because while our boobs get Pamela Anderson huge, they also get terribly uncomfortable. So if you think you are getting near those new D cups, dream on. I'm busy adapting to the new 5 pounds I'm carrying on each side of sternum.

Feet. As if my feet weren't already sail boats, pregnancy knocked my feet up another full shoe size. Thank God I will be summer pregnant. Flip flops will be heaven for my swollen puppies.

Hips. The phrase "child-bearing hips" is not an exaggeration. I can feel my ass and hips pushing outward like they are Roman conquerors trying to take over the rest of my lower body. Every day I put on my underwear and look in the mirror only to feel like the missing Kardashian sister.

Hair. I've always been a short-haired gal, but I'm letting this mane grow as much as it wants during the pregnancy. My hair is considerably longer than it was a few weeks ago and I hear that is thanks to those yummy prenatal vitamins. I guess I'll go all out Rapunzel while I can, because I hear the hair magic is gone once the baby comes.

So that's my awkward growth list. It's like chugging down that "drink me" potion Alice was all hopped up on in Wonderland, but it only affects certain parts of the body. As long as my nose stays the same size, I'm cool with whatever adjustments my preggo-state brings.

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