Ode to sashimi

Many people think it would be difficult to give up all your vices during pregnancy.

The very night before we found out I was pregnant was historic. It was the night UK lost to West Virginia in the tournament. Sitting at Charlie Brown's out on the patio with my friends, I drowned my sorrow of the outcome in more than one John Wall shot.

But the very next day, the moment my reality hit me, I was done with it all.

Quitting smoking wasn't difficult at all. That is probably because you are so sick and nauseous and feeling like shit anyway you can't tell what is nicotine withdrawal and what is morning sickness.

Alcohol isn't too hard to resist either. The smell of liquor makes me gag, and like I said, I am physically ill enough from the baby hormones that I don't need to be black out and sloppy to vomit anyway.
I cut back on caffeine, no big deal.

Out of all these former life forces I thought I needed to survive, I rarely think about the cigarettes, booze or venti coffees. There is only one temptress who still holds my heart. She is cold. She is ruthless. And when covered with too much wasabi, she will make you cry.

Oh, sushi. I miss sushi with a burning passion in my mouth.

Apparently eating raw things is a no-no in pregnancy. If I had known that beforehand, I might have hesitated before participating in sexy time.

Take away my beer, take away my Coca-Cola, but please dear God have mercy and leave me my dragon roll!

It may seem strange to you that I am this obsessed with the lack of sushi in my life, but I can tell you I honestly dream about it. People who don't like sushi always say, 'It's not about the taste, it's the texture that bothers me.'

Well eff you and your aversion to sushi based on personal non-baby-related choice. I long for that texture, that combination of flavors, to feel my teeth slide right through a slice of salmon or tuna and then roll around with the sticky rice, all dipped in a paste of that mystical green wonderment mixed with salty, tangy soy sauce.

I would give up anything to ensure that my baby is as healthy as possible. If you told me watching Glee was bad for the baby's brain function I would cancel my DVR recording. If doctors discovered Facebook could impede the fetus' spinal cord development, I would delete that account.

I will forego sushi for the sake of my baby. But I will not forget about it. The very day I can be torn away from my infant long enough for a lunch date, you can bet where you will find me. Face first in a giant pile of rainbow rolls.

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