A deranged diet

"Waiter- I'd like a tuna salad sandwich with some ketchup, fried pickles, a side of mashed potatoes with salsa and cover everything in hot sauce. Thanks."

 If you're ever uttered something akin to this order, you probably have been pregnant. Or you have something seriously wrong with your taste buds and should go see a doctor.

Pregnancy cravings are a myth for some women, and a daily routine for others. Lately I have fallen into the latter. My new favorite meal is to make some chicken-flavored Ramen noodles, cover them in soy sauce, add curry and garlic powder, then top it off with cheese. I could eat five bowls of this salty, spicy noodle-soup a day and then some.

Eating out when experiencing cravings can be difficult. Wanting to combine flavors and textures that would make the chef gag can be an awkward request, but I think if I'm willing to pay the extra 75 cents for a side of guacamole with my fried chicken then I should get it without the look of disgust from the server.

Cravings don't always have to mean the weird combos of Frosted Flakes crushed up in chili. Sometimes it can just be an intense desire for one completely normal food in particular, just in extreme quantities. For example, I spent $7 on Kit-Kat bars yesterday and only have one left as of this moment. Half of one actually. By the end of this post I will have no Kit-Kats and one chocolate-smeared computer keyboard.

I went on a potato kick in my second trimester that would have made an Irishman say "Damn girl."  Potato soup, scalloped potatoes, chicken covered in potato chips- it was my Hobbit Diet. And like most things, it passed.

As long as your cravings don't involve food or drink that is harmful for the baby, don't be embarrassed by what your belly is growling for. Indulge. From what experienced moms tell me, often times the very foods you craved while pregnant will be repulsive to you once baby is born. And according to the baby books, your child can actually taste the things you eat during pregnancy past a certain point. So eat strategically Mama- maybe you should be loading up on brussel sprouts while you can still tell your child what to eat.

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