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Whether you are already a mom, currently pregnant or plan on conceiving eventually, you know there is information galore about pregnancy and babies. Countless books have been written on the topics and a few swift keystrokes will reveal to you a world of websites dedicated to preparing you for mommy-hood.

While this blog began as a form of personal expression, it's grown into so much more than that. With the amazing support of Lexington Family Magazine, my readership has grown and I want to expand my field of thought.

I can guarantee there will still be plenty of ranting and gratuitous pictures of my baby, but let me know what you might want to read. More top five lists? Personal reflections? Updates on baby products? Are there topics you wish people talked more about?

If you find some time in your busy mommy-schedules, you can find me on Facebook as Katie Saltz, on Twitter @KatieSaltz or email me at kathrynrsaltz@gmail.com

Any and all feedback is appreciate. Oh, and here is your baby fix for the day. Happy Belated Valentine's Day!

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