My favorite things

After complaining about the exorbitant amount of stuff in our home, I realized that there are several key baby items I could not live without.  A pregnant couple we know visited CeCe shortly after she was born, and admitted they were actually on a recon mission to see what baby things we had and how useful they were.

So in good old Oprah fashion, here is a list of my favorite things. Unfortunately I cannot give away these items to my readers or fly you to Australia in a jet piloted by John Travolta (I asked, he told me he was busy), but if you imagine me calling out the name of each one in my best talk show host voice it might be just as fun. And you get to see pictures of the baby. Win. Win.

1. The play gym- a recent purchase that allows the babe to kick her legs and wave her arms with all her might. I got mine on sale at Once Upon a Child for $4. Soooooo worth it.

2. The magic swing- the lights and music are fun, but it's the motion of this ocean toy that can put CeCe in a light coma within seconds. 

3. Tummy time mat- this toy lets Ce work those neck and back muscles by encouraging her to lift her head up, which she is already quite good at. And it looks like a car. Vroom.

4. The Boppy- it's my breast friend when it's time for nursing and CeCe's throne the rest of the time. This one even has a handy lap belt and buckle to keep her in for when she starts getting squirmy.

5. Vibrating chair- this one is super light and easy to move to any room of the house when I need to. I'd even turn on the music and sit CeCe in this chair in the corner of the bathroom so I could take a shower, because I'm a paranoid crazy person who couldn't lose sight of her for the first few weeks of her life.

6. An Exersaucer- now if you didn't immediately pick up on it, that is not CeCe. She is still a bit too small for an exersaucer, but my nephew James loved his as you can clearly see. I haven't purchased one yet but I'm excited to see how the Ceec reacts to all the bells and whistles these things have.

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