Rock and Roll, baby

This is the first entry of my new segment, "Cool baby product of the week."

I sing an alphabet song to CeCe where I use different topics to run through the ABC's. Foods (Apple, apple, ah-ah-ah ...), celebrities (Lindsay Lohan, leh-leh-leh ...) and of course, musicians (Devo, Devo, duh-duh-duh.)

So I was pumped to find this book:

It's by Melissa Duke Mooney and it's perfect for all us hip parents. It focuses on classics from Fleetwood Mac to Nirvana so no Lady Gage references here. Rock out Mom and Dad.

On an unrelated note, we now have a Facebook fan page up and running. If you are so inclined, search "Mynewheartbeat" and "like" us. Thanks!

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