Mothers, man your lactation stations

No one said it was going to be easy.

That saying applies to pretty much every moment of motherhood, but especially to the obstacles that come with breastfeeding. So I decided to approach it with the mentality of a war general. My mission: feed a resistant baby.

Lactation nurses at the hospital are the first contact many moms have with feeding their babies and their intensity can be overwhelming. It's no wonder so many babies can't latch right away. Would you like if someone was forcefully shoving your head toward your dinner plate?

If you feel your attempts at breastfeeding at the hospital were unsuccessful, fear not. Your milk will survive to fight another day. And next time, you can tackle the challenge with a game plan.

Preparing your battle station is a key part of any war strategy. Once you get the hang of it you can nurse your baby anywhere you please, but I enjoy having a central location in the house that has anything I would want within arm's reach.

The nursery is my battlefield. And I think I have finally perfected my armory:

  • A glider, or a rocking chair. Get one with arms rests you can lay your elbows on, because you will exhaust your arm muscles if you have to hold the weight of your baby the entire time.
  • Pillows. You can never have too many pillows around. For your back, your feet, under baby, under your arm, behind your head - stock up on pillows. The more comfortable you are, the easier you can get your flow going.
  • Entertainment. My iPhone is my weapon of choice to keep myself occupied when CeCe wants to enjoy a leisurely meal. Grab some magazines, your smart phone, you can even set up your laptop on an end table nearby. If you can do it with one hand, go for it because you will spend hours waiting in the trenches and some distractions are necessary for mental relief.
  • Clock. You will want to keep track of when the strike began so you know when to expect the next boob attack.
  • Nourishment. Hydration is key, so bring a glass of water with you. And breastfeeding burns plenty of calories so keep a snack handy, and you and baby can eat together.
Even if you lose the first few battles, don't lose hope. You might have some battle wounds but don't count your breasts out just yet. Bring the fight to your own turf, use your resources to exploit the home field advantage and you will be victorious. 

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