Bonk Goes the Baby

It was inevitable.

I knew I could only avoid it for so long before that dreaded Mommy rite of passage found me. And it found me when I was trying to get CeCe out of her carseat.

I bonked the baby's head.

I'm not saying I caused a concussion, but in that brief moment between the "bonk" and the "WAAAAA" I suddenly understood all those super protective moms I saw researching the practicality of buying a toddler-sized plastic bubble.

CeCe recovered quickly and probably forgot it even happened by the time we reached the front door. But that event replayed in my mind for days. How could I be so careless? What a terrible mother I was for misjudging the distance between the roof of the car and her head. But as I shared my tale of woe I learned that amazingly, I was not the first person to accidentally bonk their baby on the head.

That cautionary tale about a baby flipping off the changing table has happened to many. It's not just an urban legend used by changing table manufacturers to sell us the newest model with a rock climbing harness to keep your baby safe from a fall.

Our pediatrician told us the quickest way to get your baby to roll over is to put him on the edge of the bed and look away. He was joking. I think. I hope.

The point is, your child is going to get hurt at some point. And whether you blame yourself, the changing table manufacturer or another child at daycare, it won't be easy to witness.

Mentally preparing yourself to handle your child's pain is in itself a painful task. There are the vaccinations that make you want to tackle the nurse. The teeth that are going to cause endless crying as they cut through your baby's gums. The falls that are going to occur once the goal is set on walking.

Not to mention way down the line, broken bones and (God help us all) broken hearts.

After considering the implications of this first bump, I realized that my daughter constantly has scratches on her face. I think she is really an X-Men baby and her mutant power is the ability to regrow razor sharp fingernails overnight. But I'm learning to accept that those little red lines and the occasional bump on the noggin are just a part of life. She seems to handle the pain just fine. Now mommy just has to follow suit.

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