Remember the feeling of a first date? You may remember the butterflies, the excitement about meeting your potential soul mate, listening to "Last Dance" by Donna Summer as you fix your hair and try on your fourteenth outfit before heading out the door.

Or you may remember the stress of choosing a restaurant, the anxiety of not knowing what to say, the worry that the guy will turn out to be a prematurely balding mama's boy with bad hygiene and a striking resemblance to someone you saw on "To Catch a Predator."

I thought the feelings of first dates were over once I met Matt, but being a Mama opened up a whole new can of worms. I need mom-friends.

Making friends is something I haven't had to make an actual effort to do since elementary school. And then it was as simple as "I'll trade you half a peanut butter sandwich for one of your Twinkies." Done deal. Friendship accomplished.

The friendships I have now just developed naturally. But as amazing as my friends are, I sometimes wish I had a fellow mother in my age range who could empathize and not just sympathize with what I'm talking about. 

While my 4-year-old nephew was visiting last week I took him to the play area at Fayette Mall. He struck up a game of "Superheroes" with a boy his age, who happened to have a little sister the same age as CeCe. That other mom and I watched the boys play and commiserated over the erratic sizing of baby clothes and early signs of teething. It was great to have someone to say, "I know, that happens to me all the time!" 

Despite our "perfect for each other" vibe, that mom and I parted ways with no more than a "Good luck, I'll see you -- Jacob put your shoe back on and sit down in the stroller!" 

Finding a play date partner is like picking up a stranger at a bar, only the "here" in "Come here often?" refers to a swing set or a sandbox. I have a new respect for guys who have the guts to ask a girl for her phone number. It can be so awkward and you risk looking very creepy if done the wrong way. It is discouraging to hear someone say "No thanks," to your suggestion of getting together sometime.

I realized that one key to meeting other moms was to already have an older kid. And since my nephew lives in another city, I can't use him for my own selfish means that often. I've looked into Mommy & Me classes in Lexington, but my budget can't handle what many of those bonding hours cost. 

So here is my plea to you, readers. How did you meet other mom-friends? What were your tricks or hot spots for reeling in someone for a play date?

I'm not looking for the love of my life here. Just someone to share those lonely afternoons with. Maybe a cup of coffee. A tandem stroller ride in the park. We'll see where it goes from there.


  1. Well, my youngest is 3, but we can always hang out!

    I found a lot of mom friends through blogging, honestly. There were so many moms on local parenting sites and with their own blogs, it was easy to find a few to hang out with. Good luck!

  2. Hey there Katie! I hear you!!!! When I first moved to Danville, I went to story time with my then 1 1/2 year old and basically begged the moms there "Please come walk with me at the park so I can have someone to talk to!" That pathetic beg turned into several really neat friends! My kids are now 4, 6, and 9, but we all need friends! I just sent you some info on Mommy Blogs. Did you get the links?