A Spoon Full of Sugar

If only Mary Poppins's remedy could be applied to infants. Unfortunately, the medicine has to go down my baby's tiny little throat without any sweetness to make the experience easier.

CeCe had an ear infection last week and was prescribed an antibiotic. It seems to have cleared everything up although there was the side effect of diarrhea so forceful it defies gravity and finds it's way up my baby's back. It's like poo ivy that crawls up and around her armpits.

We struggled the first few days with the medicine dropper, accidentally gagging the baby and finding more of the medicine in the crease of her neck fat than actually in her mouth. Then I remembered a handy little doo-dad in our baby first-aid kid:

For older kids we turn medicine into grape suckers and cherry ice-pops. For babies, replicate a bottle or paci. Worked like a charm. Ce sucked down her medicine like it was bubble-gum-colored breastmilk.

P.S. Here is an article about ear infections from the American Academy of Pediatrics website. They are far more common in kids than I realized.


  1. That is a great idea! I wish I'd known about that sooner. I have to look for that sometime. Any ideas where I could find one?

  2. Munchkin makes these, it's called "The Medicator." Here is the link to the website, but you can find them at most baby stores as part of infant first-aid kits!