Eating Disaster

Nothing is safe from spit anymore.

The age has come where anything my daughter can grasp in her chubby little fingers will go straight into her mouth. Toys, plastic or cloth; her own feet, clothed or bare; Mommy's fingers, Mommy's hair, Mommy's necklace, Daddy's glasses, any wet leaf or chunk of dirt trailed in on our shoes. All things look delicious.

It may seem that this list has no end, but there is one thing CeCe will not put in her mouth. And that is food.

The babe will be six months next week, and we are acutely aware this is the age where we should be introducing solid food. But Ce seems content to chew, gnaw and suck on the wrong end of her pacifier then insist on the boob when she is actually hungry.

We have tried rice cereal and oatmeal, and the baby resisted with the ferocity of a bucking bronco. She nearly flipped herself out of her high chair when I dared to put the spoon to her lips. Point taken, child.

It's a universal rule that candy is better than broccoli, so I thought we could appeal to CeCe's untapped sweet tooth with some fruit to get her in the swing of eating solids. I popped open some bananas and applesauce, and we made a small step forward. Babe no longer threw a hysterical fit at the sight of utensils, but we still couldn't get the mush to its intended destination.

I admire my daughter's unique approach to eating. Instead of allowing the spoon to enter her mouth, she had the innovative idea to stick out her tongue and plop it into the hollow of the spoon. She seemed to enjoy the taste, but the applesauce-laced cereal became more of an exfoliating facial scrub than a meal.

Any tips on how to break through this wall are welcome. Because I am getting desperate enough that my next step is just to slather her toes with mashed pears. At least that way I know it will get into her mouth.


  1. I didn't do this but I have heard nothing but good things about Baby Led Weaning. Sounds like it can be an adventure but it looks like you have already signed up for that! Good Luck!

  2. Facials are a good thing...
    I'm just kidding. Honestly, the best advice I can give is to try, try again. The road to solids is paved with messes- I could show you pictures to punctuate that statement, trust me. All I can promise is that there isn't a college student on Earth still breastfeeding and refusing solids- it won't last forever.
    I found you off VB- stop on by anytime.

  3. I found my first feeds were done better in their car seat instead of a high chair. Gravity does help....just make sure and cover your car seat with a towel before hand! Good Luck
    Stopping by from vB!
    Thanks, Becky Jane

  4. Tristan Williams6:46 PM

    I found it was easy to let my son explore the food on his own. It made a mess but it definitely got him eating. Just take a few sizable spoonfuls and plop on the tray and let her have at it. It's a new texture and taste compared to what she is used to and I found that to be the easiest thing to to do when I eased my son into solids. I also still do it when I introduce a new stage of food. Like solids with soft pieces in them and what not. Once he was comfortable with it, it was no issue getting the spoon in his mouth. Also, give her her own spoon to play with while you feed her. This also got my son used to the strange new plastic food bringer.

  5. Start with soups that have bits of fruits and vegetables.