Homework for expectant Dads

I will be the first to admit it- I am a full-blown, 100 percent, complete Daddy's Girl. And I have the feeling my daughter is going to be one as well.

The relationship between a father and daughter can go many different ways. It will either teach the girl that she deserves love and respect and build self-esteem, or it will become the explanation for why she is a stripper.

Because Matt is an only child, he did not experience growing up with girls the way my poor brother did. (My sister and I are pretty difficult human beings- my brother should be a great boyfriend.) So when we discovered I was pregnant with a little chica, I bought this book to help Matt prepare for the onslaught of pink, princesses and dress-up time that was soon to come:

"Tea Parties for Dads" by Jenna McCarthy is a slim read, so your man won't feel like it's more baby homework. It gives cute tips while providing explanations and guidance. So Dad won't just know to expect that your baby girl will want to rewind "Cinderella" fourteen hundred times per day, he will understand why she is obsessed, and can even turn movie time into a lesson on girl-power.

My favorite part is the princess cheat sheet - a list of the main Disney chicks, their male counterparts and a basic plot. A definite life-saver for a dad new to the world of tiny women.


  1. What a cute post and a great gift idea for dad's of girls. I am one of three girls, no brothers, my dad definetly is a candiate for sainthood! I have two boys and one princess, who has her daddy and brothers completly tied around her finger! When my daughter was only a few weeks old my husband went shopping for some clothes, he came home and said that when he shops for my son he only cared about the size and whether it was cotton or not but when he went shopping for our daughter ( she was only weeks old!) he stood there trying to decied whether is was her style or not! It is really cool to get to watch your husband interact with your daughter! Have fun!

  2. My Miss B will not only be a daddy's girl, she will be riding a dirt bike alongside him. Any chance Jenny McCarthy wrote about that in her book?


    I'm going to look for this book. It might help my husband understand me more!