Mommy's Make Up Bag

I remember my first solo trip out of the house after my baby was born. And by solo, I mean just me and the baby. My mother had gone back to my selfish father who wouldn't let me keep her as a free, live-in nanny forever.

I took CeCe to the grocery store and the startled reactions of fellow shoppers made me realize – I looked like I had hit by one train coming and one train going. Raccoon eyes doesn't begin describe the appearance of a mother with a three-week-old. My hair was still sopping wet from my five-minute shower and I'm pretty sure my shoes didn't match.

I have since learned how to fake the appearance of a put-together, “Why yes I had to time to blow dry my hair” Mom. Although I'm pretty sure, they don't really exist. To create the illusion, here is what I keep in my diaper bag at all times: 

  • Clear mascara. No worries about tarantula-leg eyes or the mascara running down your face when you have a hormonal crying jag over nothing in particular. Also, it helps tame crazy eyebrows after you've collapsed face down in a pillow for a mini-coma.
  • Facial highlighter pen. I used this in college to hide hangover eyes and the magic transfers over into motherhood. Dabbing just a touch on those bags can make you look like you got a full four hours of sleep. 
  • Headbands. I have never been able to make a messy ponytail look chic. Mine always look like I am a mental institution escapee. Even if your hair isn't brushed (or washed) I found people are willing to overlook that if there is a cute piece of fabric to distract them.
  • Chapstick. No need to use lipstick, especially when it will end up all over your baby's face after a kiss attack. Simple chapstick will keep your lips looking polished without taking any time at all to apply.
  • Face moisturizer. I hardly ever wear all-over face makeup anymore. A good lotion makes my skin feel better than a layer of powder or beige goop. And at the end of a long day with your baby, the last thing you're going to want to do is a 30-minute makeup-removal routine.

But whether you decide to go completely bare-faced or glam it up like a Kardashian, just remember to smile, Mama :) That's a feature that needs no cover-up.

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