My Baby Registry Must-Haves

Have you ever opened a festively-wrapped Christmas present sitting underneath an elaborately decorated tree only to discover a pair of socks? Or maybe it was a package of underwear. And even not cute pink hip-huggers. They were big old white suckers that could have been used to sail a ship.
Your mouth was probably saying, "Gee, thanks Gran." But your head was thinking, "Seriously? How boring can a gift get?" That feeling completely reverses when it comes to a baby shower.
Everyone wants to bring the baby outfit that will make the crowd go "Awwww!", or the toys that light up and make obnoxious noises. (Of course you think it's cute- you don't have to hear it five thousand times a day.) People go crazy over pink frills or newborn sailor suits, and understandably so. They are freaking cute.
I definitely appreciated all the beautiful gifts from my friends at my shower, but over the last six months with CeCe, I have learned what really were the most useful things.
If you are looking at a friend's registry the day before the shower and these items are still left, do that mama a solid and buy them. They may seem boring and won't wow the crowd, but any mother can tell you these gifts are always winners: 
  • - Plain white onesies. Within six weeks they will all have poop stains up the back, and at any given time two-thirds of the supply will be in the laundry. You can absolutely not have enough of these bland, yet necessary, fashion pieces.
  • -Waterproof crib sheet. Stripping down a urine-soaked baby is enough of a hassle. Make clean up easier with a barrier between your baby's bottom and the mattress. I've thanked the Lord for our crib sheet three times this week alone.
  • - Diapers. And not just newborn sizes. This may not seem like a fancy gift, but one box saves $50 and a late night scramble to the store when Mom unknowingly gets down to the last Pamper.

  • - Nursing supplies (for the breastfeeding mamas.) Even close friends may find it awkward to buy a gift that pertains to someone else's boobs. But pumps are expensive and nursing pads are used frequently. Maybe get a group to throw in money and buy Mama that Medela. It's a lifesaver.
  •  - Gift cards. You think they are impersonal- a new mom thinks it is perfect. Mama may think she has everything baby needs. But within a month she will realize the baby bath she registered for sucks and wants a new one. Enter that beautiful little plastic rectangle you gave her, allowing her to purchase what she wants with peace of mind.


  1. New follower from the VB. Congrats on the baby even if she was a surprise. I had the opposite happen to me-after having 2 boys my spouse and I "thought" we had completed our family, then surprise, and yes there is that "holy crap" moment, but now my daughter is 19 months and the biggest blessing ever. I cannot imagine life without her. Looking forward to more reads!

  2. Hi there! I'm your newest follower from the voiceboks blog hop. As a mom with still fresh eyes from newborn babyness, I always buy the stuff the mom needs but no one ever wants to buy. Pump accessories, lanolin, first aid kits, burp cloths, and treats for post-delivery.

  3. Anonymous9:15 AM

    Hi there! I'm coming to you from Voice Boks. I'd love you to visit my blog. When you click my link, look under the contact me tab. I laughed out loud at the sailing comment about granny panties!! You are so right.

    The baby shower things that I found most useful-- diapers of course, burp cloths, and definitely bibs. I loved the ones that were a little fancy that we could save and just wear when we were going to church. Oh, and I CANNOT FORGET, the love that both of my kids got. One of mine is 10 and still sleeps with "Dah".

    Least useful-picture frames. I wanted things to match or At least coordinate in the nursery and random silver plated frames didn't do it for me. Ditto for the silver plated ABC bank.

    Something I wish I'd received-a silver spoon or engraved silver cup. I forgot to buy them myself for my children and now I guess it's a little late. And certainly more expensive than it would have been back then!

  4. You are so right with all your "must haves but boring" gifts! Reciving blankets were a big "must" for me, not the very fancy blankets, but the kind that you buy three to a pack. I used them for everything, as an extra barrier for my changing table, as a burp cloth, as a baby "toy" something for them to hold when I was changing them, great for peek-a-boo, also great for diaper changes when you are out. They are so light, that I would keep one or two stuffed in my bag. One tip I would give is when giving practical things add a small rattle or stuffed animal or cute socks, and also wrap them up in a basket of other cute container. That will give you enough "oohs" at a shower! Fun post, makes me miss my baby years!!

  5. Hi! I just stopped by from VB! Love the blog!!! Thanks for sharing and feel free to drop by!

  6. I am with you! Forget about ooohs and ahhhhs. That momma is going to be ooohhing and ahhhing like mad when she puts some medela gel pads on her sore nips. I like to be the one who gets all of the little things that no one wants to get because they aren't cute, package them up in a cute basket then sit back and watch the other women nod their heads acknowledging how beneficial breast pads, sheet savers, and diaper creams are. Good post!

  7. So true about the diapers! I loved that for my baby's first 5 months we had a stash in the closet. Such a shock to actually to go buy some!