Happy with my Helper

PTWM seeks EBS, NS, for `6 hrs/wk to cuddle, adore and play with SLBG.

That is my version of the classified ad I was going to run. 

"Part Time Working Mom seeks Experienced Baby Sitter, Non Smoker, for 6 hours a week to cuddle, adore and play with Sweet Little Baby Girl."

Because when it comes to finding a baby sitter, I'm pickier than when I was looking for a boyfriend.

My freelancing gigs have been picking up so I have enlisted a mother's helper to come over a few hours a week to play with CeCe.

I did a lot of baby sitting when I was younger, even into college, and I now know why mothers trusted me with their children.

I was a nerd. There was no fear of inviting my boyfriend over (if I had one), I wasn't texting all night instead of playing with the kids, the parents knew once the babies were in bed I was going to read a book until they got home. 

I also had no set rate and just charged what the parents thought was fair. (I could have been making bank now that I know the going rate for an hour of highway robbery - I mean, baby sitting.)

So in my quest to find a reliable helper, I had my criteria. References were key. 14 - 16 years of age so she could potentially be around long enough to become our regular sitter. If the girl wore shorts shorter than CeCe's creepers, too much make-up or big flashy jewelry, I knew that would never work. 

Ce may only be 7 months old, but she absorbs every word she hears and observes every person who crosses her path. I wanted someone who would get down on the ground and interact on a meaningful level with my baby.

As I type, I can hear the sitter reading CeCe a book (ten points right there.) I know and trust her mother (references- check.) When Ce cried, it was remedied within seconds (self-reliance, I like it.) She is smart, polite and, as far as I know, has never been convicted of a felony.

I've come to see that a baby-sitter is so much more than someone to take your kids to the pool, or someone who can change a diaper and coax out a burp. When looking to add a recurring character to your child's life, you need to look for someone with just that. Character. You're hiring more than a helper. You're hiring an influence.

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