Second time around

To register or not to register? That is a very big question among mothers on their second go-around of pregnancy.

In a recent poll I asked my readers whether or not it was appropriate to have a full-blown baby shower for your second child. I've heard tradition states it is not necessary because you already received the basic baby supplies at your first shower.

Voters were split between "Go ahead and have a second shower, why not?!" and "Only if the gender of the baby is different than your first."

Having a "baby sprinkle" for a second child is a growing trend, where you simply request diapers, wipes, onesies- the bare necessities. A friend recently shared with me that her twice-pregnant amiga is hosting a "Booze for Diapers" party. She is supplying a keg for the guests, cover charge is diapers or wipes.

I personally love the idea of trading Bud Light for a box of Huggies. But there seem to be a few scenarios when not having a full shower could get expensive for you.

What do you do when all your main gear (sheets, stroller, car seat, swing) are pink with flowers and you are now having a boy? Or everything is blue and covered in monster trucks and you are pregnant with a little princess? Or your first child was born in the beginning of summer and your second is due near Christmas, so you need the complete opposite season of clothes than your hand-me-downs offer?

Are second baby showers tacky in asking the same people for more stuff, or should we just be planning better about what we ask for the first time?

All of CeCe's main supplies is green and yellow. I purposefully chose Winnie the Pooh as my theme so if in the future we have a boy I can reuse the majority of our baby stash. But I do understand the excitement in buying gender specific items.

I think the label of "tacky" comes in when you look at the price tag of it all. Are you asking for more $100+ items, or new clothes, bottles and bathing supplies? Are you expecting all new stuff from the same people who already bought you your first nursery?

What do you think, readers? Baby sprinkle, keg party, or full shower? Or, nothing at all? How do we celebrate a second child without asking for too much?


  1. I had a boy the second time around and 3 years later. Living out of state from where I had my daughter I was fortunate enough to have a friend offer to throw me a shower. Intentionally bought gender neutral large items the first time around so we didn't need big ticket items. So everyone including family had fun buying clothes, towels, burb clothes and diapers. Functional but cheap stuff for everyone to buy and that I really needed!

  2. I think that every parent should be entitled to celebrate the new life they are bringing in the world whether it is the first or the fifteenth. It is a little rude to pop out a new baby every year and expect people to buy big ticket items, but I agree with 'sprinklings', keg parties, and any small gathering where you can re-up your supply of diapers and onesies, especially if your new child is the opposite gender.