So Fresh and So Clean

I never thought becoming a mother would change my life to the extent that I would fall behind on my hygiene habits. But here we are, six months into the game and I am just now back to taking an actual shower with soap every day. Small victories, people.

There is one plus to not keeping up appearances- I don't have to worry about taking off my make up before bed. Because I don't have time to put any on in the first place.

My ponytail holders are just loose pieces of rope since the elastic is so worn from my signature messy buns, and I can't remember when I last shaved my legs. At present, I could be a leg stand-in for Chewbacca in the next Star Wars installment.

Shampoo, razor, face wash, flat iron and concealer used to be part of my daily life. It wasn't even an option to go to bed without brushing my teeth. I carried one of those secret-agent style collapsible hair brushes in my backpack, and kept a toothbrush in my desk at the school paper's office.

The last few months of my pregnancy I couldn't even wash my own feet. Now we are six months past delivery and I still have dirty soles. It's time to stop hiding behind the grime and shake this frat-boy fashionista kick I'm on.

This is my call to every Mama who owns a hairbrush and actually uses it regularly. If you get your glam on, or just know how to get people to stop telling you how tired you look, let me know your secret! What are your tips for looking put together and shiny (in a good way) when you have a family demanding your attention every second of the morning before you are inevitably late for work?

I'll call this Mommy's Make Over Challenge. In five steps or less, tell me how you pull your look together with a screaming baby on your hip.

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  1. When you have a small baby the key is to keep it Simple Silly or KISS. Step number 1 bathing. this seems like a no brainer until you have a baby then alofthe sudden you realize the a shower is a luxury you seldom have time for. At 6 months your baby should be sleeping though the night if not it is because you are still nursing them when they wake. STOP IT! Give them a bottle of water if they wake in the night. They will knock it off real quick. Best advice I ever got from my peditrician. Once they sleep all night you will have longer day naps. Plan you showers around baby's nap. Then after bath use moisturizer,face powder, and mascara. get you hair stylist to cut your hair in a way that will dry naturally pretty with no fuss. Good luck.