Travels with Baby

Our little family is taking it's first vacation in less than a month and I've already started preparing. And I think I should have started sooner.

I knew traveling with a baby would be challenging. We have done overnight trips, but nothing like the seven-day stretch we are attempting. An 8-hour car ride is likely to turn into a 13-hour expedition.

Driving through the night is my plan- let CeCe sleep the whole way so her schedule isn't out of whack the next day. Granted Mama and Daddy will be walking zombies, but better than a baby who doesn't know day from night.

I'm compiling CeCe's packing list, although I'm sure I will forget at least 14 vitally important items. It's a law of traveling. Any suggestions are appreciated as to what can make road trips with a little one go smoother. 

So far we have:
  • Sun shades for the car windows 
  • Approximately five gallons of baby sunscreen, SPF 900.
  • A box of diapers
  • Baby on Board sticker (so drivers who were contemplating hitting us will change their minds)
  • Half of CeCe's wardrobe
  • The Pack and Play crib, which converts into a play pen (a.k.a. a baby cage)
  • Enough baby food to feed a tiny baby army
  • Stroller
  • Night light
  • Toys to hang from the car seat handle
  • An emergency contact sticker for the car seat
  • Baby first aid kit
And remember- we have almost a month left for my brain to decide we somehow need more. We're going to need a bigger boat.

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