Vacation recap

We survived our first vacation as a family, and much was learned along the way. Lesson number one: CeCe is terrified of the ocean.

Since she is a total water-bug in the swimming pool and bath tub, I hoped she would love the salt water as well. But every time I started to lower her sausage legs into the waves she would shriek like I was dropping her into an active volcano. "I promise child, I am not sacrificing you to Poseidon, I just want to see you giggle with glee as you splash in the waves."

By the last day, my dad managed to coax CeCe into sitting in the sand and she did not have a meltdown. I consider that to be a success.

What was not a success was keeping her routine the same when away from home. I did everything the book said- brought familiar toys and blankies, tried to keep feeding times on schedule and regular napping hours. That book will now be used as a coaster.

CeCe's 7 a.m. wake up call turned into 5:30 a.m. She refused to eat her solid food and wanted to nurse constantly. We reverted back four months in time, and it was not as nearly as cute the second go-round.

As I mentioned in my post  about partying as a parent, having baby is like having a hangover every morning without any of the drinking the night before. That applies to vacation as well. It's meant to be a time to rest, right? False.

Vacation used to mean sleeping in. It meant reading on the beach and throwing back a margarita before 5 o'clock without judgement. Family vacation means waking up at the same time you normally would and just not going to work. It means trying to keep an 8-month-old from eating too much sand and sipping half a margarita before falling asleep on the couch at 8:30 p.m.

As much as I enjoyed family vacation, I'm looking forward to a Mama-and-Daddy-Only trip. Whenever that may be.


  1. Sorry your trip wasn't as relaxing as you'd hoped it would be. Couldn't a grandparent let you sleep in at least once? I will say, I think vacation DOES get easier with kids once they get older. However, a trip sans kids doesn't sound so awful either!

  2. Visiting from VB. Going on vacation with a child is a lot of work. You may need another vacation soon to recover from the first one. :)

    Best wishes,


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