Bye Bye, Baby

In approximately five hours I will be on my way to drop my baby girl off with her grandparents for her first ever weekend trip without me. And I'm kind of freaking out.

CeCe is 9 months old, fully weaned off the boob, and Matt and I decided it was time for a romantic weekend where we stay home and sleep. I do not require an exotic location with drinks and little umbrellas. I don't even need a hotel room to have a vacation. We are having a stay-cation.

My excitement to have this time as a couple is paired with the terrifying, paralyzing fear of not seeing my baby for two whole nights.
This fear is kind of silly, because it's not like I'm leaving her in the hands of a terrorist cell. I'm leaving her with the two adults (besides me and Matt) who I trust most in the world with a baby- I mean, they raised me and I have all my original limbs.

So two nights without diapers, without screaming, without biting my finger while I try to rub Orajel on her gums (have fun with that one, Mom and Dad.) That is also two nights without baby snuggles, goofy smiles, and high-pitched giggles.

My heart keeps flip-flopping between extremes, but I know it will be good for all involved to have this little non-trip. I think. Maybe. I'll let you know on Sunday.

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