Depression Among "Supermoms"

This morning I sat down to eat my breakfast and began mapping out my day. Matt bought me a giant dry erase board that has been very helpful with my planning, and within 48 hours it was already pretty packed. Today I plan to: jog 3 miles, write a blog post (check), work on two different freelance projects and one personal project, do the laundry, clean up the kitchen, take a bag to Goodwill and get dinner ready for Matt so I can go to a new class tonight at 7:30.

Pretty normal day for a working mom.

As I was plotting out the next 12 hours, I heard Ann Curry in the background noise telling me that working moms are more likely to be depressed. You have my attention, Today Show.

Here is the link to the article from Today Moms. What I gathered from the show segment was how "Supermoms" are more likely to suffer from depression because the "I can do it all" attitude doesn't usually coincide with reality.

This is the study the article referenced. I can say the guilt of having my daughter in daycare does sting sometimes, but I don't expect perfection when stitching together my home and work life. Any thoughts, Supermoms? Is it overwhelming to try to have it all, or have you found some ways to handle the combination of work and family?

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