Happy 3/4 Birthday!

CeCe is 9 months old today. Do not clap, do not cheer, do not say "awe!" and most importantly, DO NOT comment on what a bi- .... bi-..., crap, I have to say it. What a big girl she is.

She is huge. She is beast. She stands, crawls, tries to walk and fails miserably, screams, jabbers, and has an actual personality. Remember when she was just a big blob who couldn't squirm away when you cuddled her? I kind of miss that. 

My baby has been living outside my womb for nine months, and it sure went by a heck of a lot faster than the nine months she was planted inside my uterus. Where was this time-flying-by thing when I was 50 pounds heavier and 1,000 pounds crankier?

Since I guess I have no choice but to let my baby grow up, I made a little slideshow to celebrate CeCe's first nine months of life. Like when someone is given a lifetime achievement award or is on Oprah, and they have a photo montage. Just imagine the theme from Greatest American Hero playing in the background.


  1. Thank you so much for the smile! I needed one today, and seeing that cute little lady of yours put one there :)

  2. CeCe usually brightens my day, I'm so happy she could brighten yours too Kay!

  3. Anonymous2:51 PM

    I made a slideshow like that for my son's first birthday. I felt silly about making it at the time, but now that he's four we watch it together and talk about what he was like as a baby. It's a great bonding experience. I have a ton of mementos for him because all of my baby pictures and things where lost in a fire and I don't even know what I looked like.

  4. Thanks for your comment Robin, that definitely encourages me to keep collecting photos and mementos from her baby years.