Baby Snobs

I have the most imperfect little baby on the planet.

Wait- what? That doesn't sound like something a mother should say. But should it be?

I've been struggling lately with how often I say things like, "I have the BEST baby ever." "CeCe is the MOST beautiful girl in the world." "CeCe is the SMARTEST, MOST AWESOMEST, SUPER-BABY EVER."

We can't help ourselves, can we Mamas? But at what age do we need to cool it with the perfect talk?

Matt and I discussed how we don't want Ce to grow up to be a mean girl. I don't want her thinking she is better than everyone else, but I want her to try to be her best. I don't want her strutting around like she is prettier than every supermodel on the planet, but I want her to have self-esteem and be confident. I want her to know she is smart and strive to achieve, but I don't want her looking down on others she deems inferior.

Do we create mean girls or ego-boys with all our "perfect child" talk? Or is there a good age to introduce the concept of "you are special- but so is everyone else"?

If my daughter's first words are "prettiest," "perfect" or "I'm Amazing!" then we have found the time to change our vocabulary. And if she does grow up and starts showing signs of being the slightest bit stuck-up, I will just show her these baby pictures of herself:

You are welcome, baby girl.

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  1. Those pictures are hilarious! You totally made me laugh. I most definitely agree that sometimes parents tend to over-compliment their children to an unhealthy point. Yes- it is good for them to feel loved, smart, pretty, and appreciated, but it is also important for them to know that it is okay to fail sometimes and not always be the best at everything... to be average! Nice post.

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