Home is where the baby is

I'm completely nauseated from the roller coaster ride my emotions took this past weekend. CeCe spent two whole nights in Ashland, while Matt and I stayed behind in Lexington to enjoy some parental solitude.

Making plans for everything we would do was exciting. A dinner date! Staying out late at the bar! Sleep! Sleep! Sleep!

But the excitement would wane and I would be crushed with the thought of not seeing my daughter first thing in the morning.

We met my parents at a gas station halfway between our two cities. The hand-off went fairly well. Unless you count the part where my parents started telling CeCe to say "bye bye Mommy," and I told them through a clenched jaw to STOP IT.

They drove off in my mother's minivan and Matt and I tried our best to not cry in a gas station parking lot. I was unsuccessful.

But the weekend passed quickly. We slept, ate, drank, danced, laid around and just acted like a couple. Yet by Sunday I was ready to have my squealing, rowdy little poop machine back home.

Staycation was a success, but I think I am content having our little family stick together, at least for now. Many years and a few more kids down the road, I will probably be begging for my parents to take the kids for two weeks at a time.

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  1. That's how I am when my daughter stays with my parents. Haha. :)