My Baby's Closet

Is it healthy that I am completely jealous of my 10-month-old's closet? Because I absolutely am. If I could get away with wearing a hot pink tutu as an adult, I would wear it every single day.

But as overwhelmingly adorable as the attire is, keeping it organized has been overwhelming by itself. Between my shopping habits, two grandmothers, two great-grandmothers and a plethora of aunties who love pink as much as the makers of Pepto-Bismol, CeCe will not be needing to purchase another article of clothing until she begins elementary school.

Like many other Mamas, I have experienced the headache of keeping this overflow in check. Almost a year into this baby fashion show, I have learned a few things:

- Do NOT cut the tags off everything as soon as you get it. When I was 7-months pregnant I decided that I needed to wash every piece of fabric that might possibly touch my baby's skin right away. The result was a ton of wonderfully clean clothes that Ce never even got a chance to wear- and I couldn't return a damn thing. Resist the urge to clip tags and you will have plenty of cash (or store credit) to buy bigger sizes when your baby grows overnight.

- Keep store hangers. If the sales lady tries to take them away from you, object. Loudly. Don't spend money when you don't have to, and the hangers with built-in pants holders are great for keeping coordinated outfits together for when Daddy dresses the baby.

- Storage bins are a blessing. We didn't even bother with a dresser for our daughter. A child-sized dresser is only good for so many years, but large dresser drawers are a cavern for tiny baby clothes. Canvas storage bins turned out to be the perfect size for folded pants and onesies, and they slip onto bookshelves or changing table shelves easily.

- Don't get overexcited with pre-sizing. Not every baby is wearing 6-month clothes when they are actually 6 months old. Some kids will hit a growth spurt and you are stuck with the wrong size for the season. For the first year, buy ahead with caution. I jumped the gun and ended up with a box full of size 2 and 3 summer sandals because CeCe has freakishly small- I mean delicate and dainty- feet.

- Know your return policies. Don't assume that no receipt = doom. Find out what store carries the brands you are hoping to return and give it a shot. You can usually get store credit without a receipt, but even if you can't get the exchange most consignment stores will grab good brands that are clearly new.

Happy closet-cleaning Moms! Also, if anyone knows of a good charity in need of baby clothing, please post here. I take ours to Goodwill but am always interested in other opportunities to share. Thanks :)

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