Don't Say It!

Certain words exist in the English language that you hope your child never learns.

Some might be of the four-letter variety. No one wants to envision that pretty, gummy little mouth ever dropping an F-bomb.

But for me, there are two words I wish I could keep CeCe from ever learning. "Mine," and "No."

Her daycare worker claimed she said "Mine" the other day. I'm pretty sure she was just saying "Hi" and had some food in her mouth. We haven't heard it since, so maybe we have a few more weeks (years? Hopefully?)

Now I certainly want her to understand these words. I just don't want her to have the ability to repeat them. She currently says "Hi" and "Bye," and if we could slip "Mama" and "Daddy" into the mix then we can stop.

Because I know what happens when a baby learns how to say "No." This will be the age when Matt and I have serious discussions about discipline methods.

I know a toddler can be defiant without knowing the word "No," and any child can be selfish whether they say "Mine" or not. But if there was ever a time when a baby looked like a monster, it is when they get on a No kick.

I love my nephew to death, but when that kid starts a chorus of No's and "That's Mine!" then trouble shortly follows. That music is the intro to a tantrum.

So tell me moms, any other words we wish we could erase from our children's vocabulary?

I hope this pretty little mouth stays clean:

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