The Nose Knows

"Don't stick your finger in that!"

I've been using this phrase much more than I care to lately with the CeCe-Bear. She is 10 months old now, and her little hands are far too adventurous for my own good.

She has discovered that hot food can burn, squishy things are fun, doors can pinch fingers, and the joy of her own body. Beyond the awkward grabbing during diaper changes, I am less than thrilled about CeCe finding her nose, and learning how nostrils are the perfect fit for tiny fingers.

Dinner time seems to be the ideal nose-picking hour in our house. Ce will usually wait until her finger is nicely lubricated with some squash or applesauce, then very slowly insert her index finger one millimeter at a time into her own nose.

This is probably normal for a lot of kids (I hope), but what creeps me out is how CeCe makes eye contact while she is doing this. She knows I want to stop her, so it's like a test to see how far I will let her force her digit into her face. What a gross way to be defiant.

But it backfired. This weekend I just let her go for the gold, and she ended up with a stream of pureed veggies making their way back out of her nose (and a very confused look on her face.) The organic snot was not pleasant for her, nor was the sight for me.

This will hopefully be a phase and we will soon move on to our next gross baby habit. I've never heard of an adult who likes to snort mashed bananas, so we should be fine.

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