Pregnancy and those Pearly Whites

Spitting blood is never a good sign. That is an across-the-board rule. I don't just mean if you're drooling red from taking a left hook to the jaw. Because while most pregnant women do not engage in physical combat, many of us end up with more than just toothpaste in the sink after we rinse.

I had never heard of pregnancy gingivitis until last week when I took a trip to the dentist. I knew my gums had been bleeding when I brushed my teeth ever since my first trimester, but I thought I was just being too aggressive in my oral hygiene practices.

Here is a WebMD article about pregnancy gingivitis and how common it is. Check it out even if you have already had your baby, because my kiddo is almost a year old and I am still suffering from the symptoms.

In fact, in approximately three hours I will be on my way to the dentist to have my last remaining wisdom tooth removed. It wasn't causing any problems ... except the pregnancy gingivitis had caused an infection to form around it. Ain't life grand?

For the next few days I will be probably be swiping CeCe's baby food for dinner, but once my mouth is healed, you can bet your bottom dollar this gal is going to become an avid flosser.

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