Suck It Up

Being sick sucks. Being sick as a mom, sucks on a whole new level of suckiness.

The last few days have been extremely unpleasant for my body. I won't go in to details, but let's just say my body must be severely angry with me and is revolting in the form of pain and infection.

I remember the good old days, when being sick meant no school, my mom bringing me soup or ice cream while I burrowed under her electric blanket and watching a variety of talk shows and daytime made-for-TV movies.

Even in college, being sick meant dragging my butt to class if necessary, but just sleeping it off later. But as a mom, being sick means one thing. Nothing changes. You still have to do everything you ordinarily need to do- you just feel like crap while doing it.

CeCe's poop-stained pants do not care that I am ill. The dishes do not thoughtfully clean themselves when I am under the weather. My bosses do not shut down operations until I am well enough to return to work 100 percent.

I get as much help from Matt as I can, but as fate would have it- we both were sick at the same time. I must have kicked a puppy in another life, because if this is my karma, it ain't so good.

This past week I learned a valuable lesson: I need to take vitamins and wash my hands more often. Because there are many things we can't afford (in time or money), and one of those is to be sick as parents.

Luckily, this little girl remains healthy:

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