My Little Mountain Climber

Sir Edmund Hillary was the first person to climb Mt. Everest. I think CeCe must admire the man, because she has been in training to climb a moutain since she could pull up.

My soon to be 1-year-old daughter walks fairly well. But sometimes, walking is just not enough to reach your desired destination. You must climb. The way CeCe uses her paws to travel up the furniture is an argument for evolution. Because she acts like she is part monkey.

The first baby gate we set up in our living room had a diagonal grid pattern to keep her corraled. Within a few hours, I saw her hook her tiny fingers and toes into the slots and pull herself up. Only prison-bar-style baby gates for us now!

She still tries to climb the vertical bars of the new gate, as well as scale the bookshelf whenever she thinks we aren't close enough to stop her. She even pulled a lightweight end table over on herself when we were moving furniture around. She wasn't injured, she just seemed more shocked than anything. "You mean this thing moves?"

If a rock climbing wall had a harness in size 12-18 months, Ce would be suited up and ready to go before you could snap her helmet on. I don't know what she thinks it "at the top" but I wish she could be content sitting on her dad's shoulders instead of trying to make the climb alone.

We created our own mountain range at home using couch cushions and pillows:

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