Our First Birthday Party

I can place a checkmark on my milestone list: First Birthday Party. But as simple as a one-year-old's birthday party should be, I fell victim to my excitement and almost took it overboard.

Sunday afternoon we gathered to celebrate the CeCe-Bear's birthday a few days early. I read many tips on throwing a party for a one-year-old, and the main theme was "Don't Overwhelm the Baby."

I thought I was staying low-key. I limited the guest list and instituted a "batteries ban" so there would be minimal noises blaring and lights flashing. I mean, her favorite toy right now is an empty paper towel tube. How fancy do we need to get?

But then came time to do my party shopping. My inner Mom-Zilla was unleashed. I stood in the aisle of the party store and I wanted those party blowers. I wanted the plastic "Birthday Girl" tiara covered in feathers and rhinestones. I wanted to turn my house into the actual Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

As I piled supplies higher and higher into Matt's arms, I realized how silly this was. CeCe wouldn't remember that banner hanging above her that read "Happy Birthday!" She can't even read it to begin with.

The party was really for me. I wanted the streamers and the balloons to adorn the memory I would have of this day. My baby girl was just excited to have her aunts and uncles all around wanting to play with her.

I think CeCe enjoyed smearing that cupcake from her chin to her eyebrows. But the paper Mickey Mouse ears (that my friends humored me by wearing), the Mickey centerpiece that involved fifteen parts and no instructions (thank you for assembling, Matt) and the Happy Birthday banner- those were all for my photo album.

I consider the party to be a success because there were no tears or meltdowns, but also because I got to observe everyone sharing in how much they love my daughter. Even though it was CeCe's birthday, I got quite the gift out of it.

Here is baby bear enjoying her cake!

And here are the Mickey Mouse cupcakes I made using Oreo cookie crumbs and mini-Oreos:

And the birthday girl banging away on her new drum.

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