Baby Weight

Living in Kentucky, I've heard my fair share of statistics about childhood obesity. But this news story threw me for a loop.

An 8-year-old boy in Ohio weighing in at 200 pounds was removed from his parent's care after case workers claimed they did not do enough to control his weight. Read the article here.

Is it neglect or abuse to allow your child to become severely overweight? What is the number that tips the scales into child abuse? I understand that this child deserves a fair chance at a healthy life and it is a parent's responsibility to provide that. But is this extreme?

On the flip side, I came across this article in the same day. A couple in Wisconsin is charged with child neglect for starving their baby because- get this- they didn't want the child to become obese.

Chubby babies are one of the great joys in life. I personally love seeing a drooling little butterball with chipmunk cheeks and thighs that look like there are rubber bands between fat rolls.

With the dangers and risks of childhood obesity so highly publicized now days, what happened in this couple's brain to make them starve their helpless infant?

So here we have two ends of the extremes- parents being held responsible for an obese child, and parents being held responsible for an underweight child. How can we teach parents the skills they need to find the healthy medium?

Here are some guidelines from the American Dietetic Association for proper nutrition for infants and toddlers, if you are interested.

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  1. This is just sad and disturbing. A 200 pound child? When does it stop?