Daily Dose of Gratitude

This is something I'm going to try to do more often- voice the small things in the daily routine of a mother that remind me to not just love, but truly appreciate what my child teaches me.

Friday's lesson from Ms. CeCe: Ditch the fork.

Today CeCe reminded me that sometimes it's fun to eat with your hands- and not just things you are supposed to eat with your hands. I'm not talking tacos or pizza.

I joined her in eating our lima beans right out of the bowl with our fingers. It was messy and silly and why not? I wasn't just shoveling my dinner in my mouth. I was sharing a meal with my baby. It was as enjoyable as it was sticky.

I think as she gets older and our family grows, "No Utensils" night should remain a staple in our house. The clean up was ridiculous, but the giggles I got in return were worth it.

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