The Not-So-Friendly Folks

Have you ever wanted to run over someone in the grocery store with your shopping cart?

I had this feeling the other day. Not because this lady grabbed the last unbruised peach in the produce aisle, or because she had 57 items in her cart in the express lane.

It was because she ignored my baby.

CeCe is a super friendly kid. She says hi to every single person she sees. And if they don't respond, she assumes they didn't hear her and she will SCREAM hello and wave her hands until you see her. I think we could get her a job as a Wal-Mart greeter.

Most people are kind enough to stop and talk to her. But even if you are not "a baby person," is it really so hard to just say hi? Apparently, it is.

Ce almost broke her arm trying to get a hello from one young lady in the grocery store aisle. "Hi." "HI!" "Hi-hi-hi!"

Nothing. This girl looked up at my daughter, made a face like she could smell a hypothetical poopy diaper from six feet away, and looked away.

Here is what I wanted to say: "Hey you- yeah, you. You too good for my baby or somethin'?" (By the way, when I get angry in my daydreams I start to sound like a Jersey Shore cast member looking for a fight.)

Back to my dialogue: "You too fancy to say hi to my kid? She's talkin' to you. You too busy to say hi? Your face broken? Can't smile? Can't just smile at a cute little kid who is wavin' at you?"

This continues until the girl apologizes to CeCe, and CeCe graciously accepts like the angel child she is.

I know that type of confrontation in the soup aisle might be a little much, but I don't understand why someone can't just acknowledge my kid. CeCe has so much fun at the grocery store. I've visited Wal-Mart when I didn't even need to shop, just because she loves talking to people.

Does it really disrupt your day so much to say hi to a friendly child? Or wave at her, or just smile? You don't even have to stop your cart, make it a drive-by "hello!"

I know that we all aren't baby-people. Some people are not comfortable with kids. But I love that my daughter is social and isn't afraid to strike up a conversation. I'm sure this will lead to a very serious "stranger danger" talk when she is older, but at one year old, she only knows how to say "hi" and "bye."

So when she says it to you, I expect you to answer. Or we might have a problem here. Capice?


  1. With as adorable as she is I am surprised she has time to initiate! I would be chatting her up from the produce department to the sliced cheese! :) She is too cute!

  2. hi, im a new follower! love your blog! would love a follow back

  3. Anonymous3:37 PM

    LMAO, when I daydream about confronting people I turn into the scariest woman I know...my mom. And then I get mad when people say I act like her.

  4. How can anyone resist a friendly baby? Some things I'll never understand.