Spoiled Much?

Santa better watch his back this year. It seems at least one child is on a warpath to check off items on her wish list this year, and who knows how many other children are following suit.

A 13-year-old girl wrote a letter to Santa declaring that if she did not receive items on her Christmas list she would "literally kill" jolly old Saint Nick, as well as hunt down his reindeer, kill them and cook them. And yes, this is real life, not the plot for "Fatal Attraction: Christmas Edition."

Check out the article from the UK's Daily Mail.

Some things on the teen's list? A Blackberry, designer sunglasses and Justin Beiber. Yes, the actual person.

This may be an extreme example, but Christmas is the perfect time to evaluate just how much we spoil our children. My child is still young enough that I haven't experienced the materialistic side of her that is sure to surface in years to come. But I'm formulating my "Anti-Spoiling Checklist" now. Here is what I've thought of so far:

- Are we buying presents year-round for no real occasion, so at Christmas the child expects the moon just so the gift-giving seems "special" this time?

- Are we buying multiple expensive items for children?

- Are we buying them electronics at a very young age?

- Are we allowing the toys to pile up without any turnover of getting rid of old ones?

- Does my child say Thank You without being reminded, and are they aware that other children are not as fortunate as they are?

What do you think, readers? How do you keep your children appreciative and grounded, and prevent them from turning into a homicidal brat?

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