What To Pack in Your Hospital Bag

No matter how many times you checked that duffel before the big day, every pregnant woman will forget something vital from her hospital bag. She will also have a ton of crap she didn't need and a list of things she wish she had thought of after the fact.

So here is my short list of those items. I hope it may save your poor husband or partner a midnight trip home to search for your favorite fuzzy socks.

Things I thought I needed and didn't even ask for once: 

- My ipod. The last thing on my mind was listening to tunes. Not even my favorite jam was going to soothe me in the throes of contractions.

- A journal. Like that day wasn't going to be burned into my mind forever.

- My make up. Hahahaha!

Things I am so glad I had:

- A nightgown. Even if you aren't nursing, nurses will be whipping away your blanket to check your swollen hoo-haa every other hour. Pajama pants may seem comfy, but they won't be when you are shimmying them down constantly.

- Headband. Pushing will bring sweat, so keeping your bangs out of your eyes is a little thing that saves a great deal of annoyance.

- Extra pillows. For nursing, sleeping, propping your still-swollen feet up, bring some from home if you want or immediately pester the nurse for a few extras when you finally land in your recovery room.

Things I wish I had thought of:

- A "Do Not Disturb" sign for my door.

- Duct tape to keep it there.

- An extra empty bag. The hospital sent us home with quite a bit of baby swag and we were cramming it all in our already-crammed diaper bag. Leave room in your suitcase to bring home the party favors.

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