Popular Baby Names for 2012

CeCe CeCe, Bo-BeCe, Banana Fana Fo FeCe ...

Kind of sounds gross, but the name game is all in good fun. Unless your name is Chuck. Then you cannot play. Ever.

Looking at baby names is a favorite past time of even non-pregnant women, so I love guessing what next year is going to bring us in terms of names that look like they were formed from random Scrabble tiles.

From the adorable website, here are what they predict will be popular names in 2012. My personal pick? I think the name "Harper" is going to permeate preschools everywhere in the next four years. Why?

Because of David Beckham and Posh Spice giving that name to what is destined to be the most unfairly gorgeous child of all time.

My own daughter's name is #91 (top 100, woohoo) and I am glad to see that Isabella has slipped down in the ranks. That hopefully means Twilight fever has broken and we are no longer naming our children after a vampire's girlfriend.

As for boy's names, here are their predictions for the fellas. Many are strong, old time names that I adore: Henry, James and Oliver to name a few.

I can attest to the names Jasper and Sebastian- I know of two beautiful boys with these names and they couldn't wear them any better. There are very few names I can mock on this list. Damn.

What are your predictions for 2012? Will everyone follow Beyonce and be naming their children after primary colors? Or are we going to see an old-school trend of classic names like Jack and Alice?


  1. I'm hoping for older names :) I love James and John and names like that

  2. I do too Meagan! A name needs to sound appropriate for a young child as well as a grown adult, and I think those traditional names do that so well.