Pregnancy and Your Thyroid

Pregnancy will make you aware of bodily functions you never knew you were capable of. It also can put the spotlight on body parts you never really thought about before- like your thyroid.

I recently was tested for a hyperactive thyroid. I thought my restlessness and poor vision were just part of who I was- but the fact that I weigh 25 pounds less now than I did BEFORE I got pregnant was a sign that not all was normal in the land of my hormones.

I'm not complaining, it was just a sign that there must be some medical reason for this change, because I eat like a Biggest Loser contestant (pre-show.)

This article ran in our local newspaper yesterday about thyroid testing in pregnancy. Many women have an underactive thyroid (the opposite of my problem) and severe cases can have devastating effects on the unborn baby.

The main problem I see is that some symptoms for an underactive thyroid- weight gain, depression, fatigue- sound a lot like the usual pregnancy gripes. Also, as the article mentions, many women will fall into the "gray area," where it is unclear if treatment is even worth the effort since the problem is not severe.

Trips to the OB bring on plenty of "scoot your bottom to the end of the table" exams, as well as enough blood tests as it is in my opinion. So if you have a history of thyroid problems or your symptoms seem excessive, then the test may be worth it. But otherwise, would you bother asking for a thyroid test?

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