Take Your Baby to Work Day

This morning posed a predicament Matt and I had experienced many times as parents, but the solution we came up was certainly a first.

CeCe wasn't feeling 100 percent when she woke up, with a mild fever and cranky attitude. When my baby is sick I want nothing more than to keep her cuddled as close as possible and she has the same plan. So daycare was not on the menu today.

Because Matt has started his new semester of classes and my budget would take a hit if I missed a full day of work, I decided to pack up the baby and simply bring her along. 

I've read many parenting articles about cutting childcare costs, and taking your child to work with you is usually on that list. Those women must work in very specific professions. My boss, being a mother of two, was fine with the solution and told me I could just work two half days to make up my time.

CeCe sat playing with her animal books under my desk and only tried to chew through an electrical cord once. She cuddled contently in my lap while watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse in the corner of my computer screen, while I did some typing in another window. Although she made some very important edits to my document such as "HTNTNNKLHDAHKA."

My Baby Bjorn came into serious play as she joined me in all my photocopying and filing duties, and she even stayed inside her playpen made of full banker's boxes when my shoulders began to ache so badly I thought they would actually detach. Of course eventually the boxes became unsafe climbing surfaces and we were back to the bjorn.

Overall, she made it four hours with my coworkers all thinking she was the best-behaved baby, so it was a success (mostly because they couldn't hear her crying from their offices ...)

I applaud mothers who can work outside the home with their children in tow. If CeCe had been a newborn and I could plop her in a vibrating chair, this would have been cake. Or if she was a few years older and could be entertained by coloring books and full-length videos, it would have been awesome.

But my daughter is a one-year-old. With her newly-developed skill of walking, interest in anything sharp and pointy, impatience when it comes to hunger, absolute resistance to sleeping ever, plus the fact that she didn't feel her best- I will not be repeating this experiment anytime soon.

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