What the Heck is Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease?

Although she has returned to daycare, I am still hearing phantom cries of my baby this morning. They must still be echoing off the walls from earlier this week.

We were informed Monday that two of CeCe's classmates had confirmed cases of Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease. My first thought was "How terrible!" My second thought was "What in holy heck is Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease?"

Not to be confused with Hoof and Mouth Disease, this virus is not the same one cows get. I was relieved to learn that my child had not been exposed to a bovine-baby disease. Here is the CDC website about HF&M.

It usually involves a fever, poor appetite and red blisters or ulcers on a child's mouth, feet and (you guessed it!) hands.

CeCe woke up with a raging fever Monday evening, so I spent most of Tuesday on the hunt for any red spots on her body. The only one I found turned out to be from the marker I use to edit papers. Her fever subsided quickly and she returned to her normal, happy self no worse for the wear. Disease averted!

HF&M is transferred from direct contact, so if your little one's playmates come down with a case keep an eye out for the symptoms. We lucked out that she didn't come down with the virus, but I'm glad I learned about this for future reference should I ever think "Those don't look like normal chickenpox ..."


  1. It helps to be informed regarding the disease. This is to keep you aware of the protection.

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