The New Bump!

Listen up, readers!

I haven't been so excited to share some news on my blog since the initial day I informed the Internet I was pregnant. Or maybe that CeCe was standing up. Or that she was walking. Or the first time she uttered a consonant sound.

The Baby Bump  has been an annual print maternity guide through Lexington Family Magazine, but I have happily taken on the task of churning out pregnancy and new parent articles year-round. Check out BabyBumpLexington to see our first posts!

I want the site to be a place where you can find health tips, shopping guides, recipes, fun projects and serious news all about your bump and the baby within. I invite and encourage all parents to contribute your ideas, questions and suggestions to The Baby Bump. Let me know what pregnancy- and newborn-related thoughts are swirling around your head, because that is what we want to write about!

Feel free to email me at, or you can find me on Facebook as Katie Saltz. And don't forget to check back each week for new content at

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