Our Very Own "Water Park"

Forget DisneyWorld- it seems I have an amusement park in my own home. Who knew what thrills and excitement a 1-year-old could find in a simple bathroom?

CeCe has made it very clear where her new favorite playtime spot is. The germiest place on earth, of course!

Getting ready for work each morning in the bathroom is a family affair, as is bathtime in the evenings. Through all this time crammed into what was once a private space, I have realized what my daughter finds so enthralling about the bathroom.

We have the Wave Pool. CeCe transforms a regular bath into a Splash Mountain adventure, flinging water every which way, flapping her arms to create a rough current, and courtesy of her little butt- plenty of bubble jets.

The shower is her Haunted House. When Matt is showering, CeCe will start pulling aside the shower curtain and he pops his face out and shouts "HI CECE!" She squeals with surprise and runs behind me legs, only to repeat the event as many times as she can before Daddy finished washing his hair.

There is the Tossing Game- meaning anything and everything she can hold, she attempts to toss in the toilet bowl. Extra points if the item is electronic.

We also visit the Gift Shop for souvenirs- which you and I may know as the trash can. Ce really wants to keep those used tissues and strands of dental floss as mementos of this trip.

And we always end with the parade, Grand Marshall CeCe marching everyone out of the park and down the hallway with a toilet brush as her baton.

I know in a few years we will venture to good old Disney and see the real Cinderella's castle, but until then CeCe is enamored with the Tinkle Palace. At least it gives me extra motivation to keep it clean.

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  1. Your daughter is so adorable in this bath tub. How I wish I could use our bath tub soon, it leaked last week and my husband had to use his new pipe bursting equipment to fix it. I miss our own water park too!