Horsin' Around

I'm taking bets on how many stitches my daughter will have in her lifetime.

CeCe is wild child to say the least, and she seems to lack the appropriate amount of fear when it comes to heights, sharp objects, or animals with large teeth. The only thing she has ever been afraid of is the vacuum cleaner. And that thing is loud.

No slide is too high, no animal is too intimidating, and she can't get enough of being tossed in the air or feeling like she is about to fall.

This week we took our 1-year-old gal to the Kentucky Horse Park. After seeing how CeCe chases my childhood puppy-turned-old dog, I wondered how she would react to horses. Apparently horses are just giant dogs waiting for her to pet them. Thankfully there were bars separating her tiny hands from those horsey manes just begging to be yanked.

When we set her down, she decided to try to break down the stable door herself:

She spent the afternoon trying to slip through gates and fences to get closer to the horses, and running around a playground meant for much larger children. We had to go down the big kid slides and she had to climb up that plastic staircase herself. But the real kicker came when her cousin got to ride a pony. I could see her eyes turn green with jealousy:

It was a truly enjoyable day. Admission to the Horse Park is $16 for adults, but children 6 and under enter for free. We were entertained for hours, and watching my two babies share this new experience together was better than a Derby win.

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