The Miserable Molars

The screaming, the snot, the refusal to sleep- can you blame me for thinking my baby was sick this last week?

CeCe's bad mood and nose-faucet had me thinking a cold was creeping up on my baby. But all it took was me shoving my finger in the back of her mouth to learn I was wrong. There they were, waaaaaaay in the back of her tiny little top gums. One on each side. Those awful molars couldn't even take turns coming in. They both attacked my baby's mouth at once.

First-time parents often start fretting about teeth at the four-month mark. Any unexplained crankiness often gets attributed to impending chompers. But in our case, those first cute little buck-teeth were nothing compared to the misery of molars.

The usual tricks haven't translated well for us into these back teeth. Teething toys or household remedies like the "Frozen Washcloth"can't reach the back of her mouth without gagging. CeCe thinks biting her own finger is a good idea at first, until she actually bites her own finger and realizes teeth are sharp.

We are relying heavily on Orajel or Tylenol, which we didn't use much with her front pearly whites. I remember my dentist offering a prescription for Lortab when my last wisdom tooth was coming in sideways. If the pain of those two tooth tales is comparable, CeCe is in for a tough road.

The silver lining I'm holding onto is that these newest teeth will open the door for some new culinary options. Being able to really chew and grind up solid foods will make meal time a whole new kind of fun.

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